Fixing VoIP phones on Speedtouch 585

If you’ve tried using VoIP phones (hardware or software phones like X-Lite or Eyebeam) then you’ll know the pain of the phone intermittently not working. It was plagueing us here at work until we finally found the fix.

It turns out that the Speedtouch routers have some settings built in for handling SIP which is great until you try and use another SIP phone on your network. The fix is to disable whatever it is trying to do and it turns out, this is easy!

  1. Use telnet to connect to your router. If running Vista, you’ll need to install Telnet through Add/Remove Programs otherwise, you can use Putty.
  2. Type in the following commands

connection unbind application=SIP port=5060

  1. Change the configuration on your VoIP PBX so the phone is configured to be behind NAT

The phone should now just start working. This was tested with a Speedtouch 585. Polycom IP501 VoIP phone and the VoIP PBX is Asterisk provided by Voxhub.

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Nov 17 2008
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I had this problem ages ago with the first Speedtouch routers that BeThere / o2 sent out a few years ago. A friend just had the same problem with his latest one – and it took me about 2 hours to find the solution again. Much Love <3

Tom Mason : 16:44 : Sep 16 2009

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