Red Alert 2 Multiplayer on Vista

red_alert2_bemutato_01.jpgRed Alert 2 is one of the best RTS games that has ever existed with some of the craziest most fun multiplayer I’ve seen. We used to play it a lot at LAN Parties until last year when everyone started moving to Windows Vista. It is one of the few games that uses IPX for network games and Windows Vista does not have IPX available.

We thought that this was it and Red Alert 2 was dead, however, Scorpio9a has released a patch. The patch makes Red Alert 2 use IP instead of IPX and I’ve tested it and it’s working under Vista! How to get it working?

  1. Download the patch:
  2. Extract it to your Red Alert 2 directory
  3. Edit ra2.ini and change the ‘NetCard’ setting in the [Network] section to 0 (If you have more than 1 network card, you may need to try different values)
  4. Run Red Alert 2 and choose ‘Network’ and you should end up in the lobby!

Some common problems you might come across are:

  • Network button doesn’t do anything and just returns to the main menu
    You haven’t selected the right network card, just edit ra2.ini in the Red Alert 2 directory and change the NetCard setting in the [Network] section.
  • You can’t see any games or connect to someone else’s game
    Make sure you’ve allowed Red Alert 2 on any firewall like Windows Firewall or Zonealarm. Also make sure everyone is running this patch regardless of operating system, otherwise they might be hosting an IPX game which your IP broadcast can’t see!

If you find this post helpful or have more problems/solutions, then please post a comment and let me know and if Scorpio9a reads this – if you come to a UK LAN Party, let me know and I’ll buy you a drink!

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Nov 03 2008
Categories: Gaming, LAN Parties


that was really helpful

thank you

Amr Khattab : 20:31 : Jan 09 2009

thanks a bunch mate. works great!

Hugh : 09:38 : Jan 21 2009

Ive followed the instructions above but i still have a problem with seeing the other games. ive set it up on both filewalls etc, but still cant see each other.

one computer is XP and other is vista.

both now have patch, but i’m not sure if NetCard setting is correct.

nedd help to play this awsome game!


Tom : 11:27 : Feb 03 2009

Tom – Firstly try disabling any firewalls and see if it works, otherwise, keep playing with the NetCard setting. If you still have no luck, go into Control Panel on both, then into Network Connections, right click on all the connections you’re not using and choose ‘Disable’. Do this on both computers, then change the NetCard setting to 0 and try again.

Murray-Mint : 12:32 : Feb 06 2009

Hi, i found the [network] session:


what am i suposed to put there then??

jeffrey : 15:26 : Feb 24 2009

thanx alot bro…………..i’ve downloaded it….but i haven’t try it yet on my laptop….i use vista….i’ll try it tomorrow…or maybe this night…^_^ GBU

imanuel : 16:00 : Feb 25 2009

i did everthin and we can see eachother at lobby, I am using Vista other using XP operating system whem i create game XP cant see my game , when XP user creating game i can se it but when i try to join game my vista computer stops working… :(

Recep Gizer : 15:59 : Mar 23 2009

jeffrey: If it doesn’t work, change the NetCard setting to 1 and try again. One number SHOULD work.

Recep Gizer: I’ve tried Vista to Vista and it worked. I don’t think I tried XP to Vista so that could be the problem. I know Red Alert 2 had issues before with 32bit XP trying to play again 64bit XP so it could be a similar issue.

Murray-Mint : 22:51 : Mar 31 2009

Hi, Thanks for all the help. I’ve been trying to get RA2 lan working on Vista. I’ve tried changing the NetCard setting a number of times but doesn’t seem to work. According to you post above, one setting SHOULD work. I was wondering how much further I need to test it, and what this setting actually means. When I go to the Options menu and then Network, it reads Network Card: 00 00 00 00 : 00 00 00 00 00 00 and the socket number and destination network fields are empty. Is that normal? I have got vista home sp1. Does that make a difference? Is there any other setting that affects it?


Bali : 21:09 : Apr 13 2009

I have been getting my boys into some of the games I used to play.

Now they are addicted to.

This works with Vista and XP without any catches.
I only had to make sure the NIC was set to 0.

Thanks SO MUCH.

FatherOfBoys : 02:07 : Apr 19 2009

It might be worth trying disabling all other network cards in your PC and in Network Connection Properties, disable IPv6.

Other than that, check all firewalls and make sure you’re both running the same version (you can copy the Red Alert 2 directory between computers). I think there might be incompatibilities between the original version and the one in the Decade pack.

Murray-Mint : 13:55 : Apr 23 2009

thank u very much it work like hell thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ramez : 00:54 : Sep 27 2009

thanks alot man, it really worked and every thing went better than i thought, i kept searching the net for the ipx protocol files for win 7 64bit but they all didnt work… and finally i found you…
the only thing that differs than what you said is that my network card was already set to 0 so i didnt do any thing ….
ists now working fine and thanks again for making us remember the good old days………..

Muhammed Ahmed : 23:25 : Nov 06 2009

Wonderful solution big thanks for the flawless solution
Cheers ..

OtukiesJeff : 15:07 : Nov 27 2009

I connect to the majourity of players on Ra2, but some I don’t. In particular one friend, sometimes we manage to play together, most of the time we cannot? Does anyone understand this?

Also, when my neighbour turns his modem on I use his connection and me and my friend connect fine.. I’m confused ):

P.S – His ping is normally in the 40′s when he’s in my game.

Razzle : 14:14 : Mar 15 2010

Thank you very much! Astonishing huh! ^_^

Josell : 02:45 : May 03 2010

HI , thank you Scorpio9a so much , i managed to play red alert 2 on windows 7 and even wirelessly on two laptops with my brother ,we’re having so much .God bless you and many thanks , keep up the good work.

Samer : 23:23 : May 03 2010

Hey… I manage to see my friendĀ“s in the list of players. I can receive his messages, but he doesn’t receive mines. We use Windows Vista 7. I copied the file into the directory… we both have 0 in the settings..
When he creates a game, I try to join, but my laptop gets stucked…

I disabled the internet connection. We are using a wireless red…

MAtias : 07:43 : Jul 17 2010

Allow Red Alert 2 on your firewall, or disable the firewall while you’re trying to get it to play.

Murray-Mint : 11:24 : Aug 09 2010

Thanks for posting the info! And also thanks to the guy who made the patch. How he did it i will never know however my props and respect go to him. What a classic game.

Danny : 00:42 : Aug 12 2010

A million thank yous for posting this!!! We’ve been trying to get RA2 working under vista for a few hours and finally I found your post and patch. Suddenly it was working in 5 mins!


Daniel : 08:26 : Oct 11 2010

I extracted the patch to the RA2 folder in my C drive, but I can’t find a ra2.ini file anywhere. I am up to the point that Murray-Mint was on before, but not too sure how to fix it. “When I go to the Options menu and then Network, it reads Network Card: 00 00 00 00 : 00 00 00 00 00 00 and the socket number and destination network fields are empty. Is that normal?” Same as me… I am unable to play any quick matches. Please help!

Pat : 04:06 : Aug 08 2011


Thanks for the good work :)
I have a issue, when i try to enter the network menu it just returns to main.
i then copied the file wsock32.dd into the folder and then i can enter the lobby, but i can’t create a game only join. there also have to be a join and new button but there is only a join. how can that be?

Im running windows 7 64 bi, maybee its because the file is 32 bit?

Pls help

hannaman : 13:33 : Aug 23 2011

still dont work on my windows vista..

Kat : 06:30 : Feb 17 2012

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